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In a Nutshell

In this engaging online course, former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss shares the secrets of negotiation through high-stakes, real-world applications. His dynamic and insightful teaching style equips you with tools not just for business, but for everyday life.

Who is this Course For?

  • Professionals: Enhance negotiation skills in business and leadership.
  • Individuals: Improve personal relationships and conflict resolution.
  • Learners: Anyone interested in psychology and effective communication.

What you will Learn

  • Tactical Empathy: Understand and leverage the counterpart’s emotions.
  • Mirroring and Labeling: Tools to create rapport and gather crucial information.
  • The Power of “No”: Turning rejection into a strategic advantage.
  • Mock Negotiations: Practice scenarios from teenagers to hostage negotiations.

About the Course

Chris Voss leverages his extensive experience to offer a course filled with actionable insights. The lessons are concise, around 10 minutes each, making them easy to digest. Topics such as tactical empathy, the importance of tone and delivery, and mastering the use of strategic “no” are covered with depth and nuance. Interactive elements like mock negotiations make complex concepts accessible and engaging. The course is beautifully produced, maintaining a high-quality visual and educational standard that Masterclass is known for.

The Instructor

Chris Voss, former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator, CEO of The Black Swan Group. Offered on Masterclass.


This course is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills. It offers valuable insights for both beginners and advanced learners. Professionals can especially benefit from Voss’s techniques in high-stakes business negotiations.

Learn The Art of Negotiation

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