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In a Nutshell

Discover the secrets of high-end cuisine with Gordon Ramsay in “Restaurant Recipes at Home”. This MasterClass guides you through crafting restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of your kitchen.

Who is this Course For?

  • Aspiring Home Chefs: Perfect for those looking to refine their culinary skills with sophisticated dishes.
  • Busy Individuals: Learn to create impressive meals without spending all day in the kitchen.
  • Restaurant Professionals: Great for industry professionals aiming to enhance their repertoire.

What you will Learn

  • Master Key Cooking Techniques: From knife skills to plate presentation.
  • Create Complete Menus: Learn to prepare full three-course meals.
  • No Waste Cooking: Utilize every ingredient to its fullest potential.
  • Prepare Showstopper Dishes: Including dishes like beef wellington and vegetable risotto.

About the Course

Gordon Ramsay’s “Restaurant Recipes at Home” offers an immersive culinary journey, turning your kitchen into a Michelin-starred arena. The course includes 15 detailed video lessons covering everything from selecting the best ingredients to mastering complex cooking techniques. With Ramsay’s guidance, you’ll tackle sophisticated recipes, focusing on enhancing flavors and presentation. The course encourages creativity and perseverance, urging students to attempt recipes multiple times for perfect results. Accompanied by a downloadable workbook, it provides a structured path to mastering restaurant-level cooking at home.

The Instructor

Gordon Ramsay, a globally recognized chef with multiple Michelin stars. Offered on MasterClass, this platform brings celebrity-taught classes directly to you.


“Restaurant Recipes at Home” is an exceptional learning experience that truly stands out for its depth and instructional quality. Highly recommended for intermediate cooks and professionals, this course will especially benefit those who enjoy a challenge and are eager to bring gourmet dining into their home kitchens.

Restaurant Recipes at Home with Gordon Ramsay

Knife skills, Plating, Flavoring

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