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In a Nutshell

“Ron Finley Teaches Gardening” on MasterClass is not just about growing plants—it’s an inspiring call to transform your environment and community. The course empowers students with practical skills in urban gardening, utilizing any available space effectively.

Who is this Course For?

  • Urban dwellers: Learn to create gardens in limited spaces.
  • Beginners: No prior gardening experience needed.
  • Community activists: Those looking to foster community bonds through shared green spaces.

What you will Learn

  • Upcycling containers: Turn everyday items into plant homes.
  • Herb gardening: Cultivate beneficial herbs easily.
  • Food production: Grow vegetables like leafy greens and legumes.
  • Creative gardening solutions: Maximize small spaces for plant growth.

About the Course

Ron Finley, a self-taught gardener and community leader, brings a revolutionary approach to gardening. He teaches not only the basics of planting and nurturing but also how to see the potential in every little space. The course includes lessons on soil enrichment, creating planters from household items, and growing a wide range of plants. Ron’s engaging storytelling and practical advice make this class a unique learning experience. His approach transforms gardening into an act of resistance and creativity, encouraging learners to think outside the box and use gardening as a tool for community improvement and personal empowerment.

The Instructor

Ron Finley, the “Gangster Gardener,” a community activist who turned a strip of urban land into a thriving garden. Available on MasterClass.


This course is highly recommended for anyone interested in gardening, regardless of their space constraints. It’s particularly beneficial for beginners and those looking to integrate gardening into their lifestyle for health, enjoyment, and community benefits.

Gardening Masterclass

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