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In a Nutshell

The MasterClass led by Richard Branson, a venerable entrepreneur, offers an invigorating exploration of what it takes to disrupt markets and instill innovative thinking in your ventures. This course, wrapped in high-quality production, promises not just insights but an experiential journey through entrepreneurship.

Who is this Course For?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to start their business ventures.
  • Established Business Leaders: Those aiming to inject innovation into their current business models.
  • Creative Thinkers: Anyone who wants to think outside the box and challenge conventional industry norms.

What you will Learn

  • Turning Failures into Lessons: Learning from past mistakes and the competition.
  • Disruptive Thinking: Identifying opportunities that big players ignore.
  • Building Resilient Teams: Finding and nurturing top talent beyond conventional criteria.
  • Hands-on Problem Solving: Real-world applications of Branson’s personal and professional challenges.

About the Course

The course’s rich content is presented through a series of engaging videos where Branson shares his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the value of resilience, innovative thinking, and fun in business. You’ll explore case studies like the formation of The Elders, Branson’s spaceflight, and his battles against bigger rivals which illustrate his approach to problem-solving and leadership. The course’s interactive, high-quality videos make learning both enjoyable and educational, aiming to leave you inspired and ready to act on your disruptive ideas.

The Instructor

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, known for his adventurous spirit and love for breaking the norm. The course is available on MasterClass, a platform known for its high-quality, cinematic course delivery.


This MasterClass is highly recommended for anyone interested in entrepreneurship that goes beyond traditional methods. It is particularly beneficial for beginners and those in the early stages of their business careers, as it encapsulates the spirit of innovation in a digestible format. Richard Branson’s life lessons equip you with the mindset needed to innovate and disrupt.

Disruptive Entrepreneurship with Richard Branson

Creativity, Leadership, Resilience


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